With combined practical experience of over 50 years, Hampshire Clock Works offer a discreet and professional service to our wide customer base of private collectors, museum services and the public sector. 

Our historical workshops in Twyford are some of the best equipped in the area, taking advantage of the best of both modern and antique tooling. The result is the ability to competently restore any clock, and many related scientific instruments.

Whilst we specialise in pre-war European clocks, we also have a deep interest in early electrical horology. Our workshops are well equipped for the restoration or Bulle, Eureka, Magneta, synchronome and the great variety of electric clocks which are becoming increasingly popular with collectors.

This is a short video showing a days work overhauling a French striking mantel clock.

In order to fit this seven hour procedure into under four minutes, it is being played back at 64 times normal speed and the cleaning process has been omitted .

This work is taking place in our shop by one of our own clockmaker's and the techniques used are traditional or modern variants of the traditional.

Scott Jeffery BSc MBHI

Scott has been running the shop since 2011. He has multiple engineering qualifications and a Diploma in the servicing and repair of clocks. He has been a full Member of the British Horological Institute since Feb 2014. He is a published horological author, and has been featured on BBC Solent radioas a local expert.

Scott also runs LearnClockRepair.com where he shares the tricks of the trade and demonstrates his work.

You can buy Scott's book 'An introductory guide to repairing mechanical clocks' by clicking this paragraph, or searching amazon.

Chris Baldwin MBHI

Now retired, Chris acts as a consultant and mentor to the Hampshire Clock Works team.

He began his career as a precision engineer straight from school in the Aerospace industry. He has been a fully qualified Member of the British Horological Institute since 1989, and earning a living from horology for over forty years.


The British Horological Institute run training and examinations for clock and watch makers, to ensure that their professional members work to the highest standards.

Our deep involvement with the institute ranges from marking examinations, to the involved management of the Wessex branch for enthusiasts and collectors.

The letters MBHI are only available for use by those that have met high standards of work and the many examinations.