Postage cost's vary depending on your location, and packaging cost's depend on the type and size of item being delivered. For this reason we are unable to attach a postage cost to each Item, but if you would like a quote please email us with your location and preferred method  (i.e. Recorded, special delivery, first class, second class etc.) and we will get back to you with a customised postage estimate. (using on-line postage calculators provided by the delivery company, these are not guaranteed but are usually very accurate.)

Collection from our shop in Hampshire is free during open hours.

Click a picture to enlarge it. These are big files to allow for a clear view of the item so please be patient while they load. This is so that you can  view the item in detail.

Item 01

Antique watch crystal cutter. Shown here cutting a piece of brass for clarity, but intended for use on acrylic to make your own watch crystals. Huge money saver for the watchmaker.  Can also be used for cutting perfectly circular wheel blanks, Marking out perfectly concentric wheel crossings and engraving concentric circles on small dials.

The condition is good and workable although the cutter will need sharpening. All controls function and feel nice and firm, with no excessive play, good for accurate cuts. 

Clamps to the edge of the workbench. stands roughly 5 1/2 inches above work surface.

Made in Austria  by R.P.V

Item 02

Watch mainspring winder complete with accessories. Needs a clean but is perfectly workable.

Various interchangeable arbors for different spring sizes.

Study the pictures for details but from what we see this piece is ready to put to work.

about 4 1/2 inches long from nose to handle.

item 03

A Selection of watchmakers tools including:

  • 2 pairs of tweezers
  • 2 sizes of movement holder
  • 1 pivot gauge (Surface rust)
  • 1 watchmakers hammer
  • a set of watch oilers (one missing its cap)
  • Douzieme gauge
  • movement and crystal gauges
  • Cannon pinion tool 
  • Case opener
  • Three sizes of mainspring/barrel-hook punch pliers.

Item 04

Various watchmakers lathe tools.

I believe these are all intended for use in the tailstock, They do not fit my BTM 8mm, 

  1. We have here one incomplete drilling tailstock, Good for spares or adaptation. (Pipe diameter where it enters the tailstock: 7mm
  2. 2 centres, both having one male and one female end. (again 7mm diameter)
  3. one drawbar with a brass collett (collett dia. 3.6mm)
  4. one 5.5mm dia centre with knurled brass button.
  5. three remaining drawbars of unknown origin.

Item 05

2 Burnerd Lath chucks, one three jaw, one four jaw.

These are both high quality English made chucks. 

The three jaw chuck is a berderd model 28. with its key and a spare set of jaws. It attaches at three points with 4mm hex head bolts. (Measuring from bolt to bolt I get 57.5mm. That is 53.5mm between the mounting hole centres)

The four jaw chuck is Bernerd with no model number. It has four mounting holes drilled around the circumfrence of a 55mm diameter.

Item 06

A selection of pliers, all used.

A good variety here from tin snips to wire strippers and nearly everything in between. You will need to study the pictures to decide on this one.

item 07

Speed/ Revolution counter with interchangeable ends including; Steel three sided 'point' Flat rubber disc and rubber cone.

Works by placing the point against a spinning object's centre, after a known amount of time remove the tool and read from the dial how many revolutions the object went through. With a known time eg. 10 seconds, you can easily calculate RPM.

Complete working tool, the box is tatty.

Item 08

A selection of measuring instruments including

  1. Vernier calipers (very dirty)
  2. Douzieme gauge (Surface rust)
  3. Duro unbreakeable crystal  gauge
  4. Favourite Spring gauge
  5. Parvus Dial gauge (1 div = .0005")
  6. Modified small steel ruler
  7. Eascapewheel size gauge
  8. unknown brass piece, please study the pictures (and email us if you know what it is)

Item 09

A variety of measuring calipers.

inside, outside and straight calipers, a good selection to have. One Douzieme gauge included also.

All have some surface rust but are usable and with a clean will be nice tools.

Makers vary but a random selection include; 'Moore & Wright',  A dolphin logo, and some unreadable stamps.

item 10

Hallmarked silver cylinder pocket watch. Not in working condition.

The case is ornately machine engraved and the decorated dial in excellent condition.

Unfortunately a previous repairer has removed and lost the balance assembly. Not easily replaceable unless you have a scrap movement floating about.

This item has a reserve to match the silver value, but would make a nice gift for anyone who makes jewelery, or has the spare parts to repair it.

Check the pictures for info on missing parts.


item 11

Matching dial and movement.

These came to us encased in a nice fusee drop dial case, the case has now been converted back to fusee as it should be and the movement left awaiting a new owner.

The 12" dial and american movement are a matched pair and have always been together. The movement, even in this filthy condition does run and strike, however a good clean will be needed in the near future. 

A perfect project clock. Just needs a case!

item 12


This is a complete clock, with pendulum and winding key. The movement needs an overhaul and the case and dial could do with a tidy up.

This is the perfect clock for a beginner, The value of these clocks is not very high so it is a no-loss practice piece.

The reserve price  is purely to cover the cost of replacing the nice original winding key, which we could sell on it's own.

item 13

Modern Schmeckenbecher mantle clock. Needs an overhaul and a new door.

This 12 "  highclock was apparently attacked by a parrot, and has since had a new door fitted, which does not fit very closely, but it's workable with a bit of modification. 

The movement is a hermle 'bim bam' movement, retailing at £130 plus VAT for a replacement, Pick up a cheap spare that needs just a few bushes and a clean.

Spares or repair.

item 14

Unusual american movement,

This movement has both the standard countwheel striking on a gong common to most american clock movements, and the additional passing strike on a bell for the half hour.

We have not seen this before in over 40 years of being in the trade.

Appears to be complete but does need an overhaul.

A good basis for building your own clock around.

Item 15

A selection of clock books for sale, titles include;

  1. Clocks and watches by Kenneth Ullyett 1973
  2. The plain man's guide to antique clocks by W.J Bently 1963
  3. Clocks in colour by Andrew Nicholls  1978
  4. European clocks by E.J Tyler 1968
  5. Old clock (for modern use) by Edward Wenham) 1965

Condition is good for books of this age, Pages are yellowed but intact.


The grandfather clock by Ernest L Edwards 1949

The cover is tatty, with the spine torn most of the way off but the pages are intact (One has been taped back in but that appears to be all)

This book has a lot of information on it, and its age (65 years or so) causes no concern because it was written after production of quality English longcases ceased.

item 17


A Collection of four clock and watch books including;

  1. Investing in clocks and watches by PW Cumhaill 1967
  2. The worlds great clocks and watches by Cedric Jagger 1977 (A very good book)
  3. Clocks by John Hunter 1991
  4. The beauty of clocks by Michael Pearson1978 (Condition is not great, loose pages etc. but the pictures are good)

Overall condition of items is good unless stated otherwise.

Item 18

five small books including;

  1. A book of english clocks by R.W Symonds 1950
  2. Old clocks by Edward Wenham 1964
  3. Conservation of clocks and watches (British Horological Institute) by Peter B Wills 1995
  4. English clocks by Muriel Goaman 1967
  5. Clocks by Simon Fleet 1961

Condition is good for the age.

Item 19

Dictionary of clocks and watches by Eric Bruton 1962

Does exactly what it say's on the cover. A dictionary of clock and watch terms. An excellent item for any collector of clocks, watches or antique tools.

Item 20

Watchmakers staking set.

This set is missing one component (flat faced anvil which fits the large hole on the left) but is otherwise complete.

It looks a bit tatty but it is just surface rust, a soak in vinegar over night will cure this.

A very workable set, perfect for the beginner or as a spare. I have one in constant use at the shop.

item 21

1970's 'Tempus Fugit' Grandmother clock.

Measuring at around 56 1/2 inches tall, this clock plays westminster chimes on the quarter hour and strikes the hour as is usual.

This clock is in a running condition, chimes and keeps time reliably although it is showing early signs of wear, as is to be expected with all second hand mechanical clocks.

The vaneer is an unusual and attractive 'burr' design as you can see in the picture,

The movement has a floating balance and no pendulum meaning this clock requires no special skills to set up.

item 22

Westminster chiming wall clock

roughly 30" tall by 13 1/2" wide.

Excellent condition, Dial needs a clean but this all shows in the pictures.

Does need an over haul but there is a profit to be made by anyone who can do this themselves.

A very nice project for an experienced amateur.