Please note: Due to our focus on quality antique clocks, it is not plausible for us to also restore watches or public clocks at this time.

Collection and delivery

We offer a local collection service for many of our clients or you can arrange an appointment with us at the shop to deliver and collect the clock yourselves.

Estimates and Quotations

Estimates come in two forms; The free estimate in which you will be provided with a ballpark figure, or the paid quotation, in which we will spend upto an hour of our time disassembling your clock to asses the damage for a written report, this option may be best for horological collectors.

If you would prefer the hassle free approach, we will complete the repair with no quotation or estimate, and charge appropriately for our time and services.

We offer two standards of repair:

The repair or service (1 year guarantee)

This is a purely mechanical repair of the movement. All of the components are stripped, inspected and hand cleaned, wear is removed where reasonable and new metal fitted in its place. Damaged components will be repaired or replaced as applicable. After assembly and lubrication, the clock will be tested for a minimum of two weeks, while it is adjusted  to a suitable time standard. Aesthetically, the dial, hands and case of the clock will be left untouched.

The restoration (3 year guarantee)

This is the full 'showroom ready' restoration of the entire clock. The movement will be serviced as above, but with added detail to the finishing of the components. Screws will be polished and blued where applicable, and brass work may be polished or grained to suit the original finish. All types of dial are restored to a high standard, though they will generally not be 're-painted' entirely if this is avoidable.

Cases will be fully restored using traditional techniques and materials, giving utmost importance to keeping the originality of the case.

Our restorations are carried out to a fine line between restoration and conservation. We will endeavour to maintain original parts where possible, and will not modify any clock, but we will not sacrifice your enjoyment of the clock in the interest of keeping it 'museum friendly'. Clocks were after all intended to be used and loved.

Obviously a full restoration will differ significantly in price from a standard repair or service, and we will be happy to advise whether or not it is the economical choice for you.