Hampshire clock works does not personally service or repair any turret clock, However we can recommend the following local expert:

Yes we can! We repair many clocks in the region.

Efficiently at a price that is competitive and based on common sense.

Contact an engineer direct on 07410116116 


email baldwinclocks@hotmail.com

The tower/public clock engineering team at HCW    Have over forty years experience of every type of clock in the Wessex region and many clocks in other parts of the world

Our most recent notable work amongst many includes, the restoration of the 

Southampton civic centre clock

shown here alongside

To read about a typical day in the life of a tower clock engineer, click here.

All of the more than 200 clocks on our books are historically important and we take great care to work to current best practice and conservation standards. 

We keep our costs down for you by working smart, hard and efficiently. 

Please note we work an area based on a fifty mile radius of Winchester only.

Church clocks are repaired to the best of current practice. We work closely with  your team and the diocesan clock advisor.

We are able to engineer and install electric night silencing systems, to turn off the strike at night.

We also fit electric auto clock winding systems, the best currently available, fitted as discretely as possible.

Clock time correctors can be fitted if required.

Clock dials, the public face of your clock, are renovated to the highest standard.

We are very proud of our dial work and can show you many close by.

Mechanical clocks

Annual service maintenance 

Includes a safety check.

Repairs to mechanical clocks, including the manufacturing of damaged or missing components such as wheels, arbors and pinions etc.

Clock dial refurbishment – please visit our clock dial refinishing page which shows some of our work.

Installation of Auto winder mechanisms. 

Night silencing.

Time correctors.


Electrical clocks


Repairs to electrical clocks.

New clock commissions.

We can and have made many large clocks to commemorate special events

Converting mechanical clocks or   upgrading obsolete electric clocks with modern electrical systems.