Antique clocks are commonly sought after by thieves. A quality longcase dial and movement can fetch up to a thousand pounds, even when separated from their original case. I know directly of several cases where this has happened and am aware of many others. Carriage clocks can be easily stowed away in a pocket or bag, I have even heard stories of a longcase clock being thrown out of a second story window and loaded into a van in pieces to be reassembled later!

Our shop is alarmed and under 24 hour monitored infra-red video surveillance, we are on a busy residential street very close to two popular family pubs. Small Items are kept in a safe out of site. All doors and windows are reinforced with steel and hardened security glass. I do not wish to disclose all security measures as this defeats the object.

It is important that if stolen, you can prove ownership of your clock in order for it to be returned to you. Many identification marks are not good enough because they are visible. Names scratched or engraved into brass can be scrubbed away as if they never existed, Ultra violet ink washes off etc.

We do suggest keeping photographic records up to date, but often clocks were made in small batches and may not be entirely individual.

We offer the service of micro-chipping your antique clocks. 

Using this technology has several advantages; Ownership is unquestionable, a chipped clock will have a unique identification number which will be linked via our database directly to the owner, Scanners are commonly available to the police so identification is quick, Chips can be hidden in ways in which they are essentially invisible, and unlike traditional marks are readable through the case allowing them to be buried out of sight, Chips cannot be tampered with and identification numbers cannot be changed, The technology is affordable.

For £30 we will chip your clock and keep a record of ownership, you will also have a certificate of ownership for your own records. 

The microchips are 1.4mm in diameter an may require a small hole to be drilled into the clock case, this hole will be out of site, filled and coloured appropriately and in most cases will not be visible to the untrained eye. It will appear as no more than a filled wood-worm hole which are common in antique clocks.

To enquire about micro-chipping please contact us