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Silent Auction - How does it work?

Our silent auctions are a bit different from a traditional auction. You have one month to get your bids in, it is all done on-line via detailed photographs and descriptions, only we know that you are bidding, and only we know the current highest bid per item.

At the beginning of each month we upload an on-line auction catalogue, and a downloadable bidding form. The form contains areas for your personal contact details, and a numbered column representing each Item in the auction. Next to this is another blank column where you enter your maximum bid. You simply look through the on-line catalogue, noting down on your printed bidding form how much you are willing to pay for each item you are interested in, leaving any others blank. We accept the bidding forms by email or post.

Bidding forms received after midnight on the last day of the month will not be accepted, so it is best to get them in early.

On the first day of every month we contact the highest bidder of each item for delivery instructions and payment. Once full payment is received, we pack and ship your items, or can arrange a time for collection from the shop in Twyford, Winchester. Uncollected items will be re-listed after thirty days.