Watch servicing and repairs -

mechanical / automatic and quartz

Hampshire Clock Works service and repair all brands of watches using our in-house team.  All of our servicing and repairs come with a 12 month guarantee.  We service and repair:

Mechanical watches - manual wind, automatic, day and date, chronograph and pocket watches.

Quartz - all types of quartz movements.

When we service or repair your watch it is completely disassembled and inspected, before it is cleaned, lubricated, reassembled and then tested. If we are unable to obtain a replacement part then we will return the watch to you with no charge for labour.

We will fully clean the watch case and polish it where appropriate.  If you require a full dial or case restoration then we pass these to specialist restorers for them to carry out the work.

Should your watch movement be beyond repair we are able to fit new movements when they are available.

Please do not post your watch to our workshops without first discussing your requirements with us and we agreeing to undertake the work  at an agreed price.

prices for servicing

The following prices are applicable for the vast majority of watches, however the exact charge will be confirmed when we take the watch from youinto the workshop. 

Mechanical watches

Manual wind up watch - £80

Automatic watch - £90

Automatic watch with date - £100

Pocket watch (time piece only) - £80

Chronograph - £ask

Parts - these are all extra to the costs above. If a watch requires a new mainspring this will typically be £8 - £12 in addition to the charges above.

Quartz watches (not digital)

Watch showing time only - £70

Watch with date - £70

Chronograph - £ask

Batteries - these are included within the core charge above.