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All work is undertaken in our well equipped workshops, and we work closely with industry specialists and local business to ensure that no job is beyond repair. We have close links to some of the best ancillary specialists in the country such as the dial and furniture restorers who often hide from the public eye.

Clocks require regular and thorough mechanical overhauls. They are often littered with past attempts to patch, rather than correct underlying issues. We aim to correct these previous misguided repairs, with a sympathetic nod toward conservation where original parts can be reliably saved. Any replacement components are made in such a way as to blend seamlessly with the original.

Mechanisms are thoroughly cleaned and all traces of rust, solder and in some cases, glue, are cleaned away, and the clock will be returned to you as close as can be to its original state. Pivots polished, teeth straightened, wear grooves filled with modern microwelding technology, your clock will be within its original mechanical specification upon its return.

Although we insist on mechanical perfection, or as close as can be acheived in 200 year old steel and brass, Aesthetic repairs are optional, and therefore a chance to keep the costs down in your restoration. Hands can be repaired and refinished to their original heat blued state, or polished brass appearance, Dials can be replated, wax filled, Enamel repaired, and painted dials repainted, glass can be custom made and wooden or brass cases can be fully restored.

For a quote on your repair or restoration, Email us with a picture or description for a free estimate (to be confirmed once the clock is in our posession).

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